Tips to Observe In Romantic Picnics for Experiential Moments

A greater percentage of women love surprises, and there’s no doubt about that. That being the case, surprising your lovely lady with the thought of going for a Romantic Picnic; in like a day or two; perhaps even tomorrow or the coming weekend can be an awesome idea.

However, you wouldn’t expect to just wake up one day and decide to give your woman such a treat without first of all having a proper thought. If at all they are going to be experiential moments of lifetime; leaving memories you are going to revisit and chat about once in a while, Romantic Picnics require some prior planning. Here are some tips you can use to get you the moments you desire with your woman.

  1. Consider Your Picnic Destination

The destination of your fair is quite important as it comes in as a major determinant of how good the experience you will have with your significant other. You should consider taking here to the lake and watch the beautiful scenery, have a nice breeze and enjoy the warm summer experience.

You can also consider going to the park, or to the mountain; the possibilities are just but endless. Either way, ensure that the area is secure and well accessible via the means you want to use to get there. There are also some hotels with vast environments and beautiful scenery you may want to take into consideration as well.

  1. Pay Attention to the Weather

The weather is something that most people going for a picnic will often make a mistake about. The weather condition during your picnic day will determine what you will wear, the type of food and delicacies you will bring along and much more. An extremely chilly or rainy day may not be the perfect one for your rendezvous.

  1. Carefully Plan What to Pack

Make sure that you pack everything you need for your picnic. You don’t want to bring some great fruits and cheese with you only to discover that you forgot about the knife. Consider the appropriate food and carry along some dark chocolate. You might want to leave the cheese behind if its too hot outside. For your menu, you can consider some veggies, sandwiches, pickles and the like. Don’t forget that you will need a comfortable mat or cloth to lie down or sit on. Just make a list of what you need in advance to avoid embarrassments.

  1. Don’t Forget A Romantic Wine And Some Entertainment

You will also need some entertainment, hence you can put some music in your to carry list. Another thing you should never forget to take along is your favorite romantic wine. There are so many great varieties to choose from, you can just search online for a highly rated bottle to take to your picnic and treat your date. Remember to pair it with some cheese as well, it will be awesome.

4 Reasons Why Pairing Wine with Cheese Is Awesome

Wine and Cheese Board

Wine and Cheese Board

Wine and Cheese are the best!!!

Wining and dining is the best, or you could do it without dining and still have a lot of fun. But there are some awesome little secrets that perhaps you never knew about wining, for instance pairing wine with cheese. It is awesome and rewarding at the same time. The next time you need something to combine with your wine experience especially when out with your date, consider asking for some cheese to pair it up. But why should you do that? Here are some good reasons why Pairing wine with cheese is fun and good for you.

  1. They Are Good For Romantic Dinners

It is almost obvious that a greater number of ladies love cheese. On the other hand, wine makes romantic moments more interesting and appealing. Getting both of these in your romantic adventure is awesome, or is it? When having a romantic dinner with your loved one as the guy, you might want to consider ordering a paired up meal as well  for a better experience.

  1. They Create A Balanced Mouthful

Even scientific studies have been conducted and some of them you can actually find in reputable journals, that Pairing wine with cheese creates a balanced mouthful in the long run. The secret behind this is that while cheese is fatty and lubricates the mouth almost excessively, wine is astringent and tends to cause some kind of dryness in the palate, back of the chicks and somewhat the tongue. You will notice that these are two exact different effects that occur in an opposing manner when the two are combined. In short, one neutralizes the effects of the other in the mouth, creating a balanced oral environment that is neither slimy nor rough.

  1. It’s Like Other Foods That Pair Well

When you get into an Asian food restaurant and order some of their best delicacies, you might want to think about green tea, it goes perfectly well together. For meat, pickles would create a fine blend. What about sushi, do you love sushi? Well the next time you order some, try it with pickled ginger to get the most out of your fine meal. And how many times to you order potato chips and feel you are not satisfied without having a soda to finish the job? This is just about the same case when it comes to wine.

  1. They Blend Well

Everyone likes blending things, items, outfits, and even foodstuff. You will never take some wine paired with cheese only to be left with an awful aftertaste in your tongue that you feel like ordering for a toothbrush from your hotel room or the nearest chop. There is a fine blend that exists between these two, another reason you should consider pairing wine with cheese. You will need cheese boards for your wine and cheese experience.

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Is Drinking a Bottle of Wine Good For You?

We always new wine was the nectar of the Gods!!!

Well it seems that the experts disagree on many things, including what you should drink every day. Some say that you should drink coffee moderately every day, while other researchers claim that green tea is absolutely the best when it come to ensuring your health.

However a new study from an Alcohol expert concludes that drinking a bottle of wine is actually good for you. So which is the beverage for you. Well with o many different studies out there, it’s hard to know which is the best.

So find the study that gives you the results you want and tick ith that one.

Watch the video below and see how wine is being recommended by one expert:

Do You Think Expensive Wine Tastes Better Than Cheap Wine?

We love wine tasting regardless of the study results!!!

Although many people claim they can actually distinguish the taste between an expensive bottle of wine and a cheap one, there have been many scientific studies that have ruled out this theory.In fact when researcher have conducted wine tasting experiments with unsuspecting individuals, they picked the cheaper wine 50% of the time as being the most expensive one.

Some scientists and wine connoisseurs believe it comes down to taste expectations. Your mind can ply tricks on you. Ah yes, the power of suggestion.

Watch the video below and see how some of these wine tasting studies were conducted:

Wine and Cheese Tasting

The Art of Wine Tasting

Wine Tote

Wine Tote

The pristine art of wine tasting is a field many venture into for many reasons. It could be just for sheer interest in wine or to impress someone or maybe just for the fun of it. But wine tasting, contrary to popular believe is not an art for just the tongue. There is much more to it than just pouring wine into a glass and whisking it into your tongue. As a matter of fact, wine tasting utilizes just about all the senses.

The eyes are just as important in wine tasting as the tongue is. The wine’s color tells you a great deal about the wine. Such as how long the wine was aged, the type of grapes that was used and the fermentation used. Once poured into the glass, there are certain characteristics that one should look for in the wine.

White wines display a light greenish tint and they are supposed to be bright. If drier white wines appear to have sediments, this is mostly due to inadequate aging and the sediments are a sign of too much sugar. Rose wines, unlike white wines, are intense in color and are not supposed to be pale. Red wines are very informative through their color. A purplish red laced with touches of violet is a sign of young red wine. When there is a brick red color in place of the violet, this is a sign that the wine is at least three years old. A deep, rich red color on the other hand is a sign of high quality aged red wine.

Now this will sound a little unbelievable but sound also plays a large part in wine tasting. The sound made by the cork while opening the bottle as well as the sound made while pouring the wine into the glass tell one more about the viscosity and texture of the wine.

Smell is a very important aspect of wine tasting. Before swirling the wine, the aroma can tell more about the grape varieties used. Young wines for instance, have fruitier aromas. Once swirled, one begins to have an idea of the fermentation process. For instance, a smell of grape skin signifies improper fermentation. Finally, after the wine settles, one is able to discern the smells that are associated with the aging process.

Taste, the most vital step in wine tasting is a very distinctive process. While tasting, one notices three characteristics of each wine.

  1. The first two to three seconds are generally dominated by the wine’s sweeter flavors.
  2. Between five to ten seconds, one begins to taste the beginning of more acidic flavors.
  3. The final approach to the wine is dominated by the bitter and acidic flavors.

It is important to oxygenate the wine while tasting so to allow the wine to reach the back of the mouth and reach the nasal cavity.

We should note that in addition to acquiring a taste for good wine, many also prefer to carry their fine bottles in special wine totes.